11 Replies to “Martin Kaymer Hole-In-One 2012 Masters”

  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate the input. I got super lucky with where I was
    standing to shoot this video and receive the outcome of a hole-in-one too!!
    The only bad thing was that I had my camera on full zoom lol, so that’s why
    the quality didn’t come out as well as others.

  2. Yes I agree. I mean Watson has won the Masters twice, so he is definitely
    worthy of playing for the rest of his life.

  3. This is the best video angle to see watch this amazing hole in one!!! One
    can see the ball bouncing on the water, and the turn it makes to get into
    the hole. Whereas on other vids’ one can hardly see it!!! I’d give it a
    100% votes up!!!!

  4. Nice camera work. Some of the other angles of this phenomenal shot weren’t
    any good.

  5. Yea great view tho , u still caught the whole thing it looked amazing ,
    nice jon

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