Martin Kaymer Biography

Martin Kaymer is a professional golfer from Germany. He was born on the 28th of December in the 1984 and he is one of the youngest professional golfers to reach world number one spot according to the official golf rankings. He hails from Dusseldorf in West Germany and like most professional golfers; he was inducted into the world of golf from a very early age. His parents encouraged him to take up sports at a very young age and he was fascinated by golf and took it seriously. Martin Kaymer made quite an impact on the amateur scene and he has not looked back since. He took up golf at a very early age and he has been on the greens since the age of four years. He is a very modest individual and shows maturity well beyond his years. He is a very dedicated player and his focus on the game is unmatched, he has handled all the publicity and hype very well and continues to do well even today after becoming the world number one golfer.

Martin Kaymer turned professional in the year 2001 at a very young age and he plays in the European Tour. He has already won many titles and important awards in his short career thanks to some very good top class performances. He has been very consistent and has been playing very well ever since he burst on to the professional scene. He has won the rookie of the Year” award and has also won many other titles. In this short professional career he has already won 17th major titles including 9 European tours. The driving force behind his success is his yearning to learn always. He regularly speaks to his senior players despite being so good himself and learns tips and enriches his game. He is a very quick learner and can adapt himself to any condition very well.

Martin Kaymer had his most memorable victory at the Abu Dhabi Open where he won over Ian Poulter at the very last shot. He was actually trailing behind Ian in the tournament but at the very last stage he switched to a whole new gear and began playing like a true champion. The game made headlines in many sport and golf magazines and can be regarded as one of his most famous wins till date.

Martin Kaymer has played in many continents under diverse conditions and has still been very successful. This clearly shows the class of the player since he is not only so effective in his home turf but also in all types of conditions. He has also won the Hong Kong open and that too in style defeating many senior and world class players. He has been under the spotlight for quite some time now but he has handles all that very well and does not seem to be under any sort of pressure of expectations. He has been a prolific performer and he has a very bright professional career ahead of him.

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