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  1. @danic18 Good questions dan. Well first up, he gets the shaft on plane at impact because he gets his upper body very forward in the downswing – an unusual move. His lower body action is great though. He stays on the tush line by turning his lower body left in the downswing. The feeling is that you push off the right foot in the direction of your left heel as you start down. That keeps the legs from working toward the ball.

  2. very good analysis indeed. i think a good analysis should be a little bit arid to get into depth. What the announcers do in TV in 30” is just crap. I wanted to know how does he get the shaft on plane during impact coming from such a steep angle and how does he get to keep contact with the tush line the whole swing. As you mentioned, OTT players tend to move their bodies towards the ball to match the new angle of attack

  3. MARTIN…well done, great inspiration.Kudos on your recent win !!!! From the Seniors who love golf also…helping the young Players everywhere with their Vision well into their Boomer years !!!!
    The best in 2011.
    YOU TUBE(photohromic transitions)

  4. 12 minutes of pure boredom, great player great swing but boring analysis, purple golf you need to improve your analysis skills first

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