It is the call of the other golfers to leave the extracurricular activity of Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson will not be in contention to try and fight for Ryder Cup since he stated that he will miss the tour to seek help from the professional to eliminate challenges at the personal level. Being no 16 in the world but fifth in place it seemed evident that his presence would lighten the Ryder Cup.

From the chiefs of golfs it was stated that he might have got a ban for 6 months. His past is chequered and he was also given an ultimatum in 2011 by Butch Harmon. The conversation seemed Jesus like conclusion according to Harmon. Harmon was blunt in his speech and it proved to be an eye opener for Johnson since polishing his talent is the most important thing which he needs.

Accordingly, Johnson love to travel and enjoy but work at the stipulated time is what is desired. In the last week of September, Johnson pointed out that he would not be able to take part and his position will be given to the person who appears 10th in the standing. Reed is filing in the position. Johnson wants to be equipped well with all the resources He is confident that he will strike back and wants his fans to have faith in him.

His absence has filled lot of rumours and speculations. McGinley points out that there are many things which are untrue. It is clarity that is asked for. It is time to bury the past and start afresh. His fellow companions are surely missing him which is going to take a while before he comes back again and start his journey professionally. Two weeks before he finished 12th in the US Open and later on he opted out from other tournament.