Dustin Johnson taking a break from golf

Dustin Johnson is nowhere to be found on the turf while his fellow companions are vying for a successful tour. Whether it is the decision of the tour or his personal decision is yet to be seen. He might possibly be banned for the use of drug.

He, however, stated that he was taking break which is another way of saying that he is going for rehab. He is seen spending time with the family of Gretzky where for the member’s guest in the ladies club for Paulina he is caddying. Almost every day he is playing golf. It is then that the rumours of drug are spreading uselessly.

He is unusually catering to his physical, mental and emotional well-being. His privacy is respected since the PGA is not giving much of the information. It appears that he is not fully involved with golf since it is Paulina for whom he is caddying for. It is unsure whether her father would approve of that or not. It has become more of a priority for him. It also seems that he is giving more time to his social life and he does not wish to comment on it any further.

Extracurricular activities is what is in his mind and he sets time for play mixed with work or more so to impress Paulina’s caddy. He should not have forgotten that his priorities are different being a professional golfer but it is relaxation time that he is wanting and waiting for. Balancing the act and weighing the scales on an equal platform is what is mandatory.

His leave of absence from the office might not set him on a disadvantageous position which he might later regret it over the course of the time. May be he is going with the flow.