12 Replies to “U.S. Open All Access: The Best of the 2014 Final Round”

  1. MARRIAGE WORK Jeremiah 2:2-3
    Jesus often compares His relationship with us to a marriage. Marriage
    begins with bliss but then the things that endear us begin to annoy and
    love wanes and routine sets in. Any good couple or counsellor will tell you
    that we have to work at our relationships for them to work. So read your
    Bible, go to Church, tell others about Jesus, and pray.

  2. Fantastic! Nobody thought about Kaymer at the beginning of this years PGA
    Tour and now he has won The Players Championship and The US OPEN. He is
    definitely back in business!!!

  3. Golf is gay. George Carlin is right. It’s a elitest and racist sport that
    really isn’t a sport at all. Only pieces of shit play it for the most part.
    And anyone who plays it regularly and thinks they are still good people…
    shame on you ya unenlightened dipshit!

  4. Martin Kaymer won the US Open with typical German traits: accuracy,
    precision and discipline. Congrats Kaymer and welcome back.

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