25 Replies to “Martin Kaymer TrackMan Fitting 2010”

  1. Best striker of fairway woods in the world, you should see how Martin hits his second shot onto the the green on par 5’s, ……………..there is no better player in the World when Martin is on song !!

  2. playing golf on very rough terrain or,
    GOLF IN THE WINTER WITH THE Prazza golf ball finder 2012 playing in the snow . PERFECT

  3. 3:18 the guy says he’s hitting into a strong head wind? Did you actually watch the video?

  4. And how the hell would you know that? Because he’s a pro and if he didn’t drive it over 300 yards he must be hitting into the wind?

  5. Lol I’m 13 and 100 pounds and my average is 270 yards but I have strong legs and I can almost touch a basketball rim so I think my legs have something to do with transferring energy. I meant that’s the only way I can think howim getting that distance. think

  6. The 287.3 yds total makes me feel better, lol. I think it’s just Dustin Johnson and Sergio that make me feel like a pussy. 😉

  7. u do know that he has won 3 events since winning the pga oh and been ranked world number 1! apart from that you make a great point….TOOL!!! lol

  8. this tool hasnt played anywhere close to good since he won the pga and since he made that joke of a comment that Augusta was easier for lefty’s lmao

  9. Wow, 1.50 smash – that’s impressive.
    By the way: I had 1.46 in average with the Titleist 910 d2 9.5 C•3

  10. Actually without the wind this year Kaymer can drive over 305yds with colder conditions. Watch his drives when playing Bubba Watson in the Accenture match play.

    Go Kaymer hope you win The Open and defend the PGA Championship this year!!

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