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  1. @AMMrawCR Yeah i know. What does swing speed, ball speed, or distance matter if you cant hit the fairway. Those driving stats are helpful to cut out the hype. One downwind and one into the wind on holes that most will hit driver. Its also point to point.

  2. @tadaa11 well tiger can’t hit a fairway so that why his driving it down and he’s been using 3w more often now 3 years ago he was probably right at 299 or 300 avg

  3. @tadaa11 bubba can hit it much further than kaymer. tiger’s average is more like 300.

  4. @brainysnaehai average 260 and i broke 80 a long time ago, the extra 30-40 yards means fuck all with a good short game, as soon as i stopped trying to hit it 290-300 of the tee and developed a more controlled swing my game improved dramatically

    im a meal deal

  5. @f0cusen Yeah, that’s a perfect smash factor. Over the years i guess hes brought down the club head speed but perfected his angle of attack. It use to be 136mph with the same ball speed. Tiger recently has had a huge drop, at least statistically, in his driving distance. I know that was from 2008-2009, when his driving distance was still pretty good. I wonder what his speeds are now.

  6. @tadaa11 watch this video tiger woods ball speed is pretty high and his smash factor is pretty high too


  7. @f0cusen I agree that the stats aren’t 100% correct. Club head speed is irrelevant because tiger isn’t trying to maximize distance. Just look a his smash factor. High club head speed and very low smash factor, which correlates to a slow ball speed for how fast he swings the club. Tiger use to be third on tour averaging 310+, but recently he”s fallen into the 100s in driving distance. BTW, With a 130+ mph club head he should be driving it over 350 yards, so you’re right about that.

  8. @tadaa11 Tiger hits it miles compared to Martin just look at the tigers clubheadspeed and compare it to kaymer’s.

  9. @utahgs i dunno about that, watching him at the skins event last year he was out driving camillo and paul casey by 30 yards or so, i’d say he just doesnt try to hit it as hard most of the time because of his recent accuracy problems

  10. @KomedyKluxKlan underrated by whom? i’m quite sure everyone in the professional golfing world knows exactly how good he is

  11. @tadaa11

    It’s about accuracy for these players, I agree. Tiger can’t hit crazy far like he used to but he sure as hell would rather be on the fairway.

  12. @sandersuperfollador really? look at luke donald who averages about 275 yards and weighs less than 160 lbs.. i would put money on him against 99% of the field any day.

  13. @sandersuperfollador You didn’t answer anything that I said about your irrational comment. What guys are you talking about? I would love to see them go up against him! Shit, I know guys that hit it over 300y and can’t break 100 most days.

  14. @tadaa11 i know that i,m not far i hit the ball 270 and i am 20 , i see so many guys here on youtube and all of them hit 300. I dont lie myself unlike you idiot . I am sure you are one of those guys who thinks wo plays +2.2 handicap. get a life

  15. @sandersuperfollador This Guy averages 296. Your beloved bubba watson averages 311, so thats maybe a one club difference. Tiger averages 290, so are you saying he shouldn’t be number one either? You are just one of those guys who thinks he hits it far, but really you cant add, your lying to yourself, or you just don’t understand how to calculate an accurate driving distance.

  16. kaymer is a cheat is was proven that he cheated in his first major victory last year.

  17. smashing a driver ?? the guy only hit it 285 – 290 , that distance is shit . He has not the power game to be #3 in the world

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